Jerry Lawson

Jerry Lawson who fronted the legendary A Cappella group The Persuasions has moved on. The man who led the celebrated quintet and recorded and toured with numerous artists such as Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Liza Minnelli, Joni Mitchell and Frank Zappa—is heading in many new directions. “I left the Persuasions in order to perform and record the tunes I love which work best with instruments. I’m singing Jazz Standards, traditional Soul music, Rhythm & Blues, Country and many beautiful songs that deserve nothing less than a full orchestra.”

After leaving the Persuasions in 2003 Lawson announced that he was absolutely through with A Cappella forever. Jazz combos and big bands beckoned. But on his way to Russia to record a solo album with the Moscow Philharmonic, fate revealed other plans. Along came Talk of the Town a well seasoned A Cappella group who had been studying and performing Jerry’s arrangements all around San Francisco for decades. They said they knew they had great harmony but they wished they had a great lead singer like Jerry Lawson. And now they do.

After 22 albums with The Persuasions Jerry has released his debut CD  “Jerry Lawson & Talk of the Town”. Jerry said with TOTT he has finally created the harmonies he long dreamed of and he feels  that as of 2011 this is the masterpiece of his A Cappella career!